Speaker Bios

Venerable Hung I

Venerable Hung I was introduced to monastic practice in Burma when he was seven years old.  In 1969, he traveled to Taiwan to study the Buddhadharma at Fo Kung Shan Buddhist College. Finally, he came to America in 1978 to propagate Buddhism and serve the Buddhist community in the west. Today, he is the vice-president of the Texas Buddhist Association (TBA), and the Abbot of the American Bodhi Center (ABC).

Ven. Hung I excels in introducing and teaching Buddhism in both Chinese and English. He presents to the English Dharma Group at Jade Buddha Temple, and makes presentations to other associations, and community events.

Here is a valuable message from Ven. Hung I:
“Try to listen and understand other people’s viewpoints and needs, and avoid being self-centered or closed-minded.”

Ven Hsiu Tao

Ven. Hsu Tao graduated from Fu-Zen University in Taiwan with a History Degree and worked at a travel agency for many years.  In 1988 she was introduced to Buddhism and since then has become a devoted Buddhist and serious practitioner. She volunteered at Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple in L. A., California and dedicated her time and countless efforts to cultivate her Bodhisattva practice and accumulate merits.  In 1995 she was ordained at Hsi Lai Temple.

She became a lay person and in 2009 ordained again at Texas Buddhist Association.

Venerable Hsiu Tao currently looks after the Meditation Hall in female dormitories at the American Bodhi Center.

Venerable Katapunno

Born in Malaysia in 1957, Ven. Katapunno was ordained at an age of 21.  After studying Buddhism for one and a half years in Thailand, Ven. Katapunno went to Sri Lanka to continue his studies in 1980, where he was ordained again in 1987.

He moved back to Malaysia and built Vivekavana Solitude Grove in 1996.

After visiting many Buddhist countries, Ven. Katapunno arrived in the United States and visited Jade Buddha Temple in 2006.  Currently he resides at the American Bodhi Center.

Venerable Shiou Huey

Venerable Shiou Huey is from Taipei, Taiwan. Her family name was Hwang. After graduating from Taiwan National University’s Nursing Department, she worked at Taiwan National Hospital and was in charge of setting up the Intensive Care Unit at Kuo Tai Hospital. She later earned a Master’s degree from UCLA and continued to work at critical care unit for years to come.

Her career in the hospital reminded her of the impermanence of life and the serious consequences of karma. Thus, she started studying Buddhism and visited Boonkanjanaram Meditation Center in Thailand to learn Vipassana meditation. She took her vows in September 1997.

She is currently in charge of the bi-monthly Dharma Garden Magazine, overseas the English Dharma Group and is involved in various Temple events.

Oliver Chang

With a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Oliver Chang spent 6 years of his professional career in Research and Development. In 1985, he started a small business in commercial real estate investment.

Oliver Chang is a seasoned practitioner of Vipassana Meditation since 1999 and is one of Bhante Sujiva’s elite students. He has attended many extended retreats in the USA, Europe and Asia, and has been instrumental in guiding others who seek to develop a fruitful foundation for meditation practice. He has been a continued guest speaker at the English Dharma Group, sponsored by Jade Buddha Temple in Houston, Texas, and is President of the Houston Meditation Center (HMC). He has authored several published articles regarding the practice of Vipassana Meditation, and continues to promote sound practice principles of the Dharma.

For more information, visit the HMC website, www.houstonmeditationc.com, or contact Oliver at hmc281@sbcglobal.net.

Dr. V.G. (Chamu) Chamupathi

Dr. V.G. (Chamu) Chamupathi received his B.S. (Hon) in Science from the University of Colombo, Sri-Lanka and came to the USA in 1982 for graduate studies. He completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1987 from the University of Arizona and an MBA in 2004 from the University of Houston.

He started working at Shell Oil Co. in 1990 after completing a post-doctoral fellowship in bio-physics. Currently, he supports developing renewable biofuel as a Sr. Research Scientist at Shell Technology Center in Houston. Besides focusing on science, Chamu likes jogging with his dog and gardening.

Bhikkhu Cintita

Bhikkhu Cintita is an American-born Theravada monk who lives in a Burmese monastery in Austin. In his younger days, he was a successful scholar of linguistics, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, a professor, an inept businessman and a corporate researcher and developer.

He dropped out of his professional life to become a Soto Zen priest for some years, before entering fully into monastic life.

He posts writings on-line at http://bhikkhucintita.wordpress.com

Judy Jeng

Judy Jeng has been a member of the Texas Buddhist Association since 1990.  She was the coordinator of the English Dharma group at Jade Buddha Temple for many years and also a member of a volunteer team and Board of Directors. She retired from 30 years of service in the banking industry working in the Information Technology department. Judy is a Senior Board member of Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston. In that capacity, she helps promoting Buddhism and bringing together people of diverse faith traditions for dialogue and collaboration. She also served as a Board member of the Chinese American Relief Effort, which donates school supplies to tens of thousands of underprivileged students and schools in the greater Houston community.

Anne Sung

Anne Sung is the daughter of Lucius and Edith Sung.  Anne grew up in Houston and began her career as a high school physics teacher in the Rio Grande Valley at the age of 21. She began meditating soon after. Her first visit to Jade Buddha Temple was in the summer of 2003, when she was working in Houston schools as a mentor to novice teachers. She later studied Buddhism at the Dharma Realm Buddhist University at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in  California and at Harvard Divinity School. Returning to Houston in 2009, she became a member of Jade Buddha Temple. She is an educational advocate and co-founder of Community Voices for Public Education.

Gerry Trione

Gerry Trione has been a member of Jade Buddha Temple for almost one year, and has studied Buddhism for more than ten years.  He has a degree in psychology, with post graduate work in finance, and is retired from a career in the commercial real estate business in Houston for over 40 years. He has traveled extensively in many Buddhist countries, visiting temples, and monasteries, including Bodhgaya, India in 2014, where the Buddha was enlightened.

Ted Vora

Ted holds a Master’s of Science in Engineering Management and is the president and owner of Veristic Technologies, Inc. in Houston, TX (www.veristictech.com).

He was born in Bangkok, Thailand, a Buddhist nation and came to the US for post graduate studies 33 years ago. Ted has taken the 10 days Vipassana Meditation in 2001 and 2007 and experienced the deepest level of happiness in both retreats. He would like to share his basic understanding of meditation techniques with everyone.

Larry White

Larry was born in New York City and grew up in North Carolina. His first job out of high school was a position as a clerk for the FBI in Washington D. C. He was a Russian Language specialist in the Air Force and later attended the Air Force Academy.

He graduated from the University of Colorado with degrees in mathematics, education, and geology. While teaching in Bogota, Colombia, he met his wife Belkis. Both returned to the US, where Larry joined ConocoPhillips and has been employed with them for the last 34 years.

Larry took refuge at Jade Buddha Temple in 1999 and has been a member of the English Dharma Group for the last 16 years.