Welcome to the English Dharma Group (EDG) at Jade Buddha Temple. We are glad you found us and wish our website installs curiosity to learn more about the Temple, Buddhism, and meditation. We invite you to join EDG on a Sunday and hope you have an enjoyable experience. Whether you are new to Buddhism or an experienced practitioner, you may have plenty of questions, both about Buddhism in general and about Jade Buddha Temple. Consider this website as your tour guide until we meet at one of our programs.


Jade Buddha Temple is a member of the Texas Buddhist Association (TBA), a non-profit organization, founded in 1979 by a group of lay Buddhists under the guidance of Venerable Wing Sing, Venerable Jan Hai, and Venerable Hung-I.

Under the leadership of committed monks and nuns and passionate lay practitioners, TBA has grown from a small Buddhist temple to Jade Buddha Temple (built in 1989), and the American Bodhi Center (515 acre retreat center, located northwest of Houston).

The Texas Buddhist Association is one of the largest Buddhist institutions in Texas, a founding member of the Texas Buddhist Council, and a member of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. It adheres to Buddha’s teachings and seeks to better the welfare of others and oneself by promoting and practicing compassion, loving-kindness, joyfulness, and serenity in our daily lives. Additionally, TBA strives to cultivate the wisdom necessary for a clear understanding of both the universe and the human spirit.

TBA does not distinguish between different schools of Buddhism. However, it places an emphasis on spreading the right views of the Dharma. Buddhist practices vary, depending on the country of origin, culture and traditions of its practitioners. Yet, the teachings (Dharma), ethical principles and fundamentals of Buddhism have remained virtually the same for more than 2500 years since the time the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, first taught them in India.

The English Dharma Group

Jade Buddha Temple is a unique faith organization in Houston. When it first opened in 1990, it catered exclusively to the Chinese-speaking community. Thanks to the initiative of a few English-speaking visitors in the early 1990s, Jade Buddha Temple gradually developed an appealing program for Non-Chinese speakers, wishing to learn and practice Buddha’s teachings.

In 1991, the English Dharma Group (EDG) was formed with the goal to make Buddhism accessible to English speaking people in the Greater Houston area.

Today, the English Dharma Group is open to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Our diverse visitors and members come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

When you visit us in Kwan Yin Hall, you may sit quietly in contemplation, engage in lively conversations, follow the Dharma talk, practice yoga and mindfulness, become a member of the volunteer team, enjoy a Chinese vegetarian lunch on Sundays or seek guidance and answers; the choice is yours.

A weekly newsletter provides all interested members and friends with information about upcoming Dharma talks, programs, and events. You may sign up right here on this website.

Come and visit us.