Mindfulness Yoga

What is Mindfulness Yoga?little metta

Mindfulness Yoga is a form of yoga that seamlessly integrates the Buddha’s teachings of Mindfulness with traditional Hatha yoga practice and emphasizes the spiritual side in addition to the physical benefits. It brings balance and health to the body and liberates the mind and spirit, awakening compassion and fostering inner peace by cultivating full awareness to the present moment without judgment or reaction.

Benefit of Mindfulness Yoga

As you notice the sensations arising when holding a pose, your mind is reacting to it by developing clinging/craving attachment to the joyful sensation or aversion to the painful/challenging sensation, the mind is being observed more clearly. By cultivating mindfulness practice on the mat, it will seep into our other daily activities. People will start to notice that they naturally have increased levels of patience, concentration, the capacity of letting go.

 Our Yoga class will be postponed until we announce a new Yoga teacher.