Local Meditation Groups

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Welcome | EDG’s Satellite Meditation Program (SMG)

SMG is a non-sectarian meditation group of mindfulness practitioners. We focus on supporting each other in developing beneficial habits and growing mindfulness skills. We are composed of small neighborhood groups that meet once a week. If you are interested in joining us, please email us via the Contact Us page.


Meditating with a group helps to develop a habit. It’s easy to find excuses not to meditate at home. Joining a meditation group can provide the necessary encouragement and motivation for developing a consistent practice and help reinforce your daily practice. Many practitioners find it easier to meditate in a group setting than alone and a group can provide a feeling of connectedness. New meditators can learn from those who have a practice, while experienced meditators can learn from guiding and helping beginners.


Mindfulness meditation | The group practices and discusses mindfulness meditation that was taught by the Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. Our interests is in the cultivation and the application of basic mindfulness skills that does not require any belief system. We understand that these basic mindfulness skills is beneficial and applicable to everyone of any background and practices.

  • We use basic mindfulness practices to establish wholesome habits and arouse the desire to participate regularly.
  • We focus on the actual practice of mindfulness rather than focusing on sutras, dharma books, etc.
  • We strive to nurture beneficial habits and grow mindfulness skills rather than just having “book knowledge”.
  • Daily practice | In order to be successful with our investment of time and effort, we develop daily practices to cultivate strong mindfulness habits. To this end, we recommend the following:
    • Perform 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation everyday. This may be walking meditation or sitting meditation.
    • Perform 1-3 daily mindfulness exercises. Determine 1-3 daily actions to be mindful e.g., “opening a door”, “washing the hands”, “walking meditation”, “mindfulness bell” etc.
    • Keep a regular log of weekly attendance, daily meditation practice and daily mindfulness exercises.
  • Other support activities to further develop mindfulness:
    • Attend meditation retreats. These can range from one day to as long as the practitioner can dedicate to the retreat.
    • Attend classes such as yoga, tai chi, etc. can help to develop mindfulness skills that will strengthen their practice of mind-body connections.
    • Surround yourself with support. Get books, audio, phone apps to learn more and keep you motivated in the practice.


Each neighborhood group meets weekly, either at an attendee’s home or a public library, no matter how few participants can attend. Generally the format is as follows, it is flexible and might be slightly different depending on group size, practitioner experience level and location:

  • Walking Meditation | Guidance will be provided for inexperienced members.
  • Sitting Meditation | May be on a cushion or chair. Members should bring their own cushion or mat as needed. Guidance will be provided for inexperienced members.
  • Sharing | Sharing on weekly practice, progress and challenges.
  • Discussion | Group discussion on the presented topic.


  • SMG Inner Loop | Friday evenings
  • SMG Northwest | Thursday evenings
  • SMG Southwest | Sunday evenings
  • SMG Katy | Tuesday evenings